Illuminate Your Room

by Bueno

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why don't you take another crack you know i got your back cuz you're my boy yeah you're m y b o y a n d i know you got other ideas but i have been waiting for years i know you are already there ( y e a h ?) and you can't wait to get me out of your h a i r hey man take a fuckin shower cuz you've been in bed for hours and i can't abide by that sorta behavior yea?! oh i'm some sorta slob but don't you think you're thinking too hard?
so fresh it looks like you passed the test and she don't say much drinking champagne and playing the drums everywhere she goes the clouds make themselves known even in her home the wind rips up her clothes and me? i'll be there at my place at the top of the stairs needle and thread in hand to mend everything that's been laid bare on and on into perpetuity
Blown Out 03:14
he woke up with his hair already greased lying naked tangled in the sheets walk to the window open wide gas stations passed in the present day in the morning light they're all blown away their faces have a restlessness that has both passed and still remains and each step is a dagger in the ground everything is broken in its wake everything is broken maybe that's ok everything is broken maybe that's ok blown out in the morning light even the trash looks alright in piles and piles on the corners where we stood once long ago and i can't change your face has been lost in the wasteland of my mind so smile and remember the way those situations were played
in empty train stations and parking lots tomorrow's victims smoke and talk they can't be taught they don't wanna know what's coming and i'm on the beach with them forgetting who i am til the sun comes to tell us that we fucked up people say enjoy the day i know i would have wasted it anyway they can't be bothered with "real lives" cut from the same cloth cut your ties she's ungrounded can't wrap my head around it the way this night's trying to make me feel cuz don't you know that i have been ungrounded for years and it don't get better it all just goes along
i don't think i like the chances or all these unwanted advances and i feel like i'm fucking up and one by one the baggage weighs a ton and i feel like and i feel so raw it's only my thousandth flaw there's all these moral choices and there's all these disparate voices the chatter to me chatter chatter chatter and one by one the baggage weighs a ton and i feel like and i feel so raw it's only my thousandth flaw
Hizznherz 03:23
i can't fuckin stand it you know living like this there's a world beyond what we see a world of perfect high society and i wanna go i wanna go but i can't fuckin stand it you know living like this and i know in my heart of hearts i will be a part so girl let me take you for a ride why won't you tell me what you like party every night or we can stay inside whatever you wanna do cuz i'm your girlfriend too wanna paint my nails? i don't fuckin care play some truth or dare dare you to braid my hair and as for the truth i don't think you're prepared
living in hotels elevator to the 33rd floor please room service every day i'm always home i'm never away i pick up the weights and i put them down i pick up the weights and i put them down i pick up the weights and i put them down my body is fit and my mind is sound i keep one eye on the cards bangkok tokyo, japan anywhere you wanna send me i will go but beneath these shades the memory fades beneath these shades i keep one eye on the cards
mona woke up in a pile of ash tried to skip town but she didn't have the cash at the bus depot in the middle of the nite she walked til she saw those city lights and i met her at a house in dc she was living expensively that's when she said to me "hey man write my biography" after that she was gone for good no more walking around the neighborhood but i figured i'd keep my word and that's the song you heard yeah mona 1991 - 2015 see what i mean?
when you tell me that everything is alright it's like a dagger in my heart and when you tell me that everything is "just alright" it's like a dagger a k n i f e ! everything becomes that way over seconds and hours gone astray can't keep up with them all they're piled up in the corner of my room makes me difference to me let's burn another year in effigy AY! O! now that it's gone NO! time to kick it in the void we had no choice
Babyface 02:23
the things you send me i will send them away the soul of a man or woman can't be contained but man can i be solely ashamed of the things i accepted that i cannot change well there are cigarette butts and beer cans all over the floor and no one wants to party here anymore well i guess i'll see you on the other side of things in my dreams where you are my bride and i am king well there is me and you yeah there's you and i our quiet dignity will keep us alive and the camera refocuses on those who will take our place the young the nervous the anxious the b a b y f a c e
oceans come and oceans recede i'm talking to you message received and you're up late tonight watching tv but i can't see what it is through the window all i see are the colored lights the greens, the blues and the whites illuminate your room when you should be sleeping tight with me we could be lonely together we could waste time forever


released August 19, 2016

All songs by Bueno

Produced by Adam Reich & Bueno

Recorded & engineered by Adam Reich at Club Soda, Brooklyn NY except tracks 3 - 5, recorded & engineered by RJ Gordon at The Bakery, Brooklyn NY

All tracks mixed by Adam Reich

Mastered by Mike Tucci at the Engine Room, New York NY

Cover art by Chelsea Birenberg

Released Babe City & Exploding In Sound Records
BCDC 018 / EIS 051


all rights reserved



Bueno New York

a staten island band

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